Lavender Sugar

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Your day just. got. sweeter! We love a multipurpose moment, so say hello to our lavender sugar! Here are just a few ways you can add a little bit of serenity to your daily routine. Toss some lavender sugar into your favorite beverages to add a sweet, floral edge. If you like to sweeten your iced tea (or hot tea), or lemonade this will be your new go-to! It adds just the right bit of something special. You can also add this to your recipes! Simply ask, “Would this be delicious with a delicate hint of floral sweetness?” If the answer is yes, get out your lavender sugar. Some favorite options include; cake, scones, muffins, cookies, waffles. Or sprinkle it over fruit or mix into homemade whipping cream. Delish! 

3.5 oz glass bottle.



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