All Natural Soy Candle - New York Minute

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This blend of grapefruit and mangosteen will take you on an adventure through the city. Chic looks and classy scents instantly remind you of those New York hangouts you love so much! Reborn Co. took candle making back to the basics. Where military veterans hand-pour every candle using environment and skin safe oils, and 100% soy wax grown in the United States. Reborn Co. is dedicated to providing you comfort, ambience or that perfect getaway.


Additional Information:

Grapefruit and mangosteen scent.

6oz with a burn time of 45 hours, 13oz with burn time of 100 hours, 20oz with a burn time of 120 hours 

All natural soy, eco-friendly, non-toxic and use high-quality essential oils.

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