All Natural Soy Candle - Hogwarts

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You will love-iosa how this magical blend of leather, vanilla and wood, transport you right to 'Hogwarts'! Reborn Co. took candle making back to the basics. Where military veterans hand-pour every candle using environment and skin safe oils, and 100% soy wax grown in the United States. Reborn Co. is dedicated to providing you comfort, ambience or that perfect getaway.

Additional Information:

Leather, vanilla and wood scent.

6 oz with a burn time of 45 hours, 13 oz with a burn time of 100 hours, 20 oz with a burn time 120 hours 

All natural soy, eco-friendly, non-toxic and use high-quality essential oils.

Carefully crafted and hand-poured in the Missouri Ozarks.

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