8 oz 3 in 1 Room Spray

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3 in 1 room spray; hand sanitizer, room refresher, body refresher. 8 oz colloidal silver, aloe, witch hazel, 80 proof alcohol, fragrances. 100% natural and locally handmade in Joplin, MO, by Angela Harris.
Fragrance descriptions:
Calypso - bergamot, lime, and orange.
Deb's Apples - red apple, vanilla, and cinnamon.
Jesus & Determination - sweet cactus flower and Madagascar vanilla.
Luna - cranberry, pomegranate, peach and white tea. 
No More Stinky Pup - fresh flowers.
Pumpkin Butter My Bread - pumpkin spice and vanilla.
Simply Vanilla - vanilla bean.
Stella & Buck - black cherry and tobacco.
Sweet Ashleigh - coffee and vanilla.
The Artist - strawberry, lemon, cabernet, and nero. 
True - plumerias, cactus flower, and green apple. 
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